AFIA Soap Inc

Everyone faces the same problems when it comes to finding the products that not just maintain our health and beauty, but fortify, replenish, and strengthen them and us. At Afia Soap, we strive to offer the very best health and beauty solutions to the problems that we know real people have. Help us help you make caring for yourself easy by relying on our products that use the time-tested and proven techniques found in our olive oil based soaps. With just five simple ingredients, there’s no reason to ever worry about what you’re exposing your body to and every reason to trust Afia’s transparency to guide you to a healthy, better you.


About the Creator

Afia Soap is the brainchild of Sawsan Darwiche Mustapha and was largely a response to the ineffectual nature of over-the-counter skin care products on her sensitive skin. After using these over-the-counter products, including those marked antibacterial or moisturizing, for years in an attempt to care for her sensitive skin, she became frustrated when all her efforts caused her to develop eczema. While she used medicines to treat and heal her eczema, she knew that she was only tending to the symptoms of a much deeper problem and she needed to prevent a resurgence.

So, she turned to her roots for a solution.

When she traveled to Lebanon, her homeland, she was surprised to find that her parents and many of her relatives relied not on store-bought products, but on older, traditional ones: olive oil based soaps. At the encouragement of her mother, she began using the soaps and found that her skin was gradually improving. The eczema spots and itchiness that had once plagued her never returned. The soap was, in short, a success.

In 2017, she decided to share her remedy with the world by starting Afia Soap, selling the soaps that had so profoundly helped her, in the hopes that they would do the same for others.