AFIA Soap Inc

Our Mission

The olive tree and olive oil were brought to Lebanon by the Phoenicians roughly 5000 years ago. Olive oil was fashioned in towering castles of soap by hundreds of hands with the utmost care ever since.

Afia Soap simply is an extension of this noble work, bringing the centuries-old tradition from our Mediterranean shores directly to your hands. Our goal, plain and simple, is to share a handcrafted, authentic experience from one generation to the next. We continuously combine tradition with innovation to ensure that the ways that you choose to care for your body are always at the pinnacle of convenience and perfection.

We don’t just want to give you the means and the products to make your skin and hair care experience easy and wholesome, we aim to educate the masses on how to make the best decisions for our bodies and prove why Afia is the best way to achieve all your beauty and health goals.

Today, it’s difficult to know what products to trust to ensure our bodies remain in their primes. This is especially difficult given the thousands of impossible to pronounce chemical lists that make up the majority of over the counter brands. Rest assured, each of our five core ingredients is directly tied into a plethora of advantageous personal benefits, ones we seek to inform our customers about through a series of articles.

At Afia, we promise...

  1. 1)  A sustainably sourced line of products that are directly tied to the health and prosperity of millions worldwide, across time

  2. 2)  To provide a means to connect with others, a community of people on the same journey to find their happy mediums and thrive

  3. 3)  To use our resources for the sole purpose of bettering the welfare of our customers as they address their personal skin and hair care needs

  4. 4)  To listen to any and all feedback from our consumer base and use it to fuel our efforts to completely eliminate our inadequacies and grow to anticipate and satisfy our customers’ necessities

After all, Afia itself means good health, free from all the problems that may plague a person. You can gain peace of mind knowing that as a company, Afia’s mission perfectly aligns with this idyllic idea.

Integrity. Empathy. Dedication. Always. Afia.